Ross Township dentist Oral Cancer ScreeningHave you ever wondered what your Ross Township dentist is doing when they first examine your mouth?  The hygienist has cleaned your teeth and possibly taken X-rays, you should be done and on to your next adventure, right?  Not yet.  Your dentist has a job to do and that is to ensure your oral health is in top shape.  The partnership between the dentist’s staff, the patient, and your teeth is a finely tuned instrument that keeps your smile looking its best.  The key to your oral health is making sure you are not at risk for oral cancer.


Oral Cancer Awareness

Last month the dental industry and our Ross Township dentist celebrated Oral Cancer Awareness Month.  The purpose of the celebration is not to pop the champagne, but to bring awareness and education to our patients.  Oral cancer has a high mortality rate simply because it is typically caught in the late stages of the disease.  However, it is avoidable by practicing proper oral hygiene and by visiting your dentist every 6 months.


The Significance of a 6-month Check-Up

Plaque and tarter buildup is one reason why we encourage our patients to see our Ross Township dentist at least twice each year.  But, we also use the time to perform an oral cancer screening.  By monitoring your oral health on a regular basis, we can diagnose any problem areas and provide a quick solution to the issue.  Avoiding the dentist leads to unnecessary expenses and life-threatening issues down the road.


Why do you Ask for my Medical History?

Many patients don’t understand the significant role your mouth plays in the systems of the human body.  A broken or absent tooth can affect your digestive system.  Plaque causes gum disease which can affect the health of your heart.  Your body needs all systems functioning effectively in order to remain health.  Any changes in your medical history can upset your mouth and the oral treatment plan that our Ross Township dentist has arranged for you.


How do I prevent Oral Cancer?

The easiest way to prevent oral cancer is to attend every checkup and to have a good oral hygiene regimen.  Quit smoking or using tobacco, brush and floss your teeth, and call our office as soon as you notice something out of the ordinary.  Every dental exam includes an oral cancer screening so we can check your mouth for bumps, unexplained bleeding, and abnormalities.


By staying abreast of your oral health, you can minimize the risk of oral cancer.  Follow our Facebook page for more topics regarding your dental health or reach out to our office with your concerns.  Let us help you get the smile you want and prevent unwanted illnesses.