Ross Township dentistFrom shoofly pies, to pierogis and Philly cheesesteaks, Pennsylvania can easily claim to be called one of the best states in the country for amazingly good treats.  We brought popcorn into movie theaters, introduced the world to Tastykakes, and made fries a condiment for sandwiches.  We definitely know how to please anyone’s taste buds.  Yet, despite all of our great foods, it is important to take care of your oral health.  Our Ross Township dentist and staff have a few tips and suggestions on how you can eat your favorite foods while still maintaining good oral health.


Remember your regular checkups

Scheduling and attending your regular dental appointment every 6 months is the first step toward good oral health.  A dental exam allows our Ross Township dentist to screen for oral cancer and helps us catch potential gum disease and cavities. The dental examination typically starts with a thorough teeth cleaning by our hygienist and ends with a visit from our Ross Township dentist.  The teamwork means that your oral cavity, gums, and teeth are as healthy as they can be.


Daily Oral Health Regimen

Along with regular appointments, you must brush twice each day and floss at least once.  Many of our state’s wonderful foods are rich in sugar and garlic so protect your teeth and ensure fresh breath by brushing after every meal.  Flossing is a must in our state so we can rid our teeth of those popcorn kernels that love to hang out in hard to reach places.  A great Ross Township dentist tip is to carry some floss in your car or purse so you don’t have to compromise your smile when food is stuck in your teeth.


Scrape Your Tongue for Fresh Breath

If you floss and brush and still think you have bad breath after consuming your favorite foods, talk to our Ross Township dentist about a tongue scraper.  Scraping your tongue is painless, despite the way it sounds.  It removes bacteria that is living in your mouth and on your tongue which is causing your bad breath.  Gently scrape your tongue a couple times with a tongue scraper and rinse with fresh water or mouthwash.  This simple action will leave you with a clean mouth and fresh breath.


Clean your toothbrush

Rinse your brush out after every use.  Also, make sure to switch out your toothbrush every 3 or 4 months with a new one.  Toothbrushes are to be stored upright and not touching anything else.  This helps to avoid cross-contamination from other toothbrushes and their germs and bacteria.


When you eat your favorite Pittsburg foods in moderation and practice a good oral health regimen, you’ll avoid cavities without missing out on amazing pierogis and cheesesteaks.  Follow us on Facebook page for more oral health tips and save us a Tastykake bite or two; we’ll have our toothbrushes ready.