TMJ Ross Township dentistWhen a tooth hurts, your first instinct is to call our Ross Township dentist office.  Yet, you might not think to call us when you experience headaches or problems sleeping.  While these symptoms can be caused by a number of health and stress related issues, you might be surprised to find that a call to our dentist can resolve the matter.  It is possible your temporomandibular joint is acting up and our professional team just might have the answers you are looking for.


What is my temporomandibular joint?

The temporomandibular joint is often called your TMJ.  We have two TMJs on either side of our face, located just in front of our ears.  It is the joint which opens and closes our mouth by connecting the lower jaw to the skull.  When your TMJ is malfunctioning, we refer to this as temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMD.


Chronic headaches

Reoccurring headaches are a frequent symptom of TMD.  The stress and pressure that you are putting on your joints causes this pain.  TMD alerts our Ross Township dentist to a problem such as a bite that is off or an infection.  Frequent clenching of your teeth can cause TMD, as well.  Our team examines your oral cavity and discusses your daily routine to uncover the cause of your symptoms.  In some cases, we will recommend a nightguard to prevent the pressure on your TMJ.  Nightguards give your joints a rest so they can start to heal.  In other cases, surgery is recommended or even braces to correct an alignment issue.


Get relief fast

It is important to call our Ross Township dentist if you can’t find a solution to your headaches or jaw pain.  By seeking help in a timely manner, you’ll reduce the possibility of further damaging your smile.  If stress is causing the pain, we can recommend some at-home exercises or over the counter pain relievers that will help the area heal.  For more serious situations, we will uncover the cause of your pain and discuss ways in which we can deliver the relief you need.



If you suffer from temporomandibular joint pain, seek help from our Ross Township dentist as soon as possible.  You’ll prevent your joints and teeth from additional damage while eliminating the emotional distress that comes with chronic pain.  Follow our team on Facebook for more topics on oral health and call our office if you want to learn more about TMJ pain relief.