Oral Health Ross Township dentistHappy Halloween to all of our Ross Township dentist families!  We know this is a long awaited holiday that children (and many adults) look forward to every year.  And, why not?  It’s great fun to dress up as your favorite character and especially fun to trick or treat.  Yet, we would be failing at our jobs if we didn’t share a few reminders to protect your oral health this holiday.


Brush and Floss

Our Ross Township dentist doesn’t just recommend brushing and flossing for no reason.  The fact is, plaque starts growing on teeth in less than six hours after you last brushed your teeth.  Plaque causes tooth decay and gum disease.  By brushing two times every day, you are ridding your mouth of these risks and keeping your mouth and teeth as clean as possible.  Brushing and flossing keeps your teeth, gums, and your breath in good health.


Avoid Candy that will Ruin your Dental Work

Many people have some sort of dental work in their mouth.  It could be a crown or bridge from a restorative dentistry procedure, or dental sealants used to protect your teeth from cavities.  Candy that is super sticky or extra hard in nature can destroy your dental work and set you back in the oral treatment plan our Ross Township dentist designed specifically for you.  If you are going to treat yourself to candy, make sure you won’t damage your existing dental work, or create a need for one.  Some candies can easily chip or break your teeth.


Continue with Regular Check-ups

Twice every year dental exams are recommended by our Ross Township dentist and the ADA.  In addition to a professional cleaning, we also look for signs of oral cancer and TMJ issues.  We use X-Rays and digital cameras to get a good picture of your teeth and look for early signs of tooth decay and gingivitis.  Our method of preventive dentistry helps you keep your smile looking great year after year.


We hope you and your families all have a wonderful Halloween, but be mindful of the candy.  We love seeing your smiles, but we don’t want them to suffer at the expense of a few pieces of candy.  Keep up the brushing and flossing and follow our team on Facebook for more hygiene habits and tips.