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As you look forward to the New Year, have you decided what New Years’ resolutions you are going to make?  Traditionally, resolutions focus on self-improvement, and this year should be no different.  You might want to be better at keeping in touch with old friends, or build confidence and self-esteem through your appearance.  Diets, new exercise routines, or reorganization skills are usually at the top of everyone’s list.  But, what about your smile?  As a dentist Ross Township residents trust for the smiles and cosmetic dentistry needs, maybe this year your resolution should center on your smile.  Great smiles take time, and this is the perfect opportunity to evaluate your dental insurance and our Ross Township dentist services.

Do your research

With just a couple of phone calls, you can be well on your way to a new smile.  A dental insurance at the most basic level covers two dental exams a year as well as other preventative dentistry measures.  This is great when you have an already healthy mouth.  But, if your smile needs some extra attention, do you know what your options are?  Call your dental insurance provider as well as our Ross Township dentist office to get started.  We can schedule a consultation for you so that we can understand your goals.  This initial meeting will help you understand our services.  Then, we can map out a plan together.

Make a plan

After a consultation with our Ross Township dentist about your smile makeover, you’ll have a strong plan for moving forward.  Beginning this process in the New Year gives you the ability to set money aside in an HSA or FSA plan and you’ll know what your dental insurance will cover.  This way, you minimize any out-of-pocket expenses and won’t be surprised by unexpected costs.

Put the plan in motion

You’ve consulted with our team, verified what your dental insurance covers, and started saving for your new smile.  Veneers or a simple teeth whitening procedure are simple services to execute with highly-desired results.  Dental implants, bridgework, and dentures, require a bit more planning, but again, you’ll love what you see when you look in the mirror.  Choose to improve your smile this year and be amazed at the self-confidence and changes you experience.

If you have questions about dental insurance or wish to learn more, give our team a call.  Our services and contact information are available on our Facebook page, and we are more than happy to help you stick to your New Year’s resolution of gaining a great smile.  Happy New Year!