Teeth Whitening Ross Township dentist

Everyone needs a boost to their smile once in a while.  At our Ross Township dentist office, we believe smiles can make or break us as a first impression to all you meet.  Smiles tell a story about confidence, pain, emotions, and unveil a bit of who we are.  Make the right impression with whiter teeth and visit the dentist Ross Township families trust for their cosmetic dentistry and oral health needs.  A professional tooth whitening treatment plan is a great way to get the boost your smile needs.

Tough Stains on Enamel

While many over the counter products exist and have the backing of the American Dental Association, they don’t always produce whiter teeth.  Stains that are stubborn and hard to remove may need professional care from our Ross Township dentist and staff.  Toothpastes and strips can provide whiter teeth but not always to the degree you desire.  Rather, these products are great for maintaining the whiteness levels you want after a professional treatment.

What causes enamel to change color?

Tooth enamel will change as you age but is also affected by what you eat, your health, medications you take, and lifestyle habits like smoking.  Coffee, dark sodas, tea, and wine can alter the color of your enamel, too.  Your smile deserves to look its best and our teeth whitening procedures can make it look amazing.  Our professional treatments are safe and effective and don’t cause tooth sensitivity that other products do. 

Store bought vs. professional treatments

The most significant difference between whiter teeth from a retail product or our Ross Township dentist is the strength.  Professionals in the dental industry have access to whitening gels that are stronger concentrations of the products used to whiten the enamel of your teeth.  This also speeds up the treatment process allowing you to have whiter teeth in as little as one visit to our office.  Another benefit to our process is your health and safety.  Rely on the safe treatment application we provide or feel confident to use our at-home treatment after working with our staff to safely administer the gel.

It’s easy to get the results you want with our professional teeth whitening services.  Give our office a call to schedule your appointment or learn more on our Facebook page.  We want you to love your smile.  Take the time to care for it so it continues to brighten up the world.