Oral Cancer Screening Ross Township dentist

Our Ross Township dentist and staff have spent the month of April education patients about oral cancer.  This is a great time to reconnect with your dentist if you haven’t had a dental exam in a while so that you can get your oral health back on track.  Oral Cancer Awareness Month happens every April and serves as a reminder to all of us about how we can prevent oral cancer.  As the dentist Ross Township patients trust for their cosmetic dentistry and oral health needs, know that we have the tools and experience to keep you in good health and free of oral cancer.

What is an oral cancer screening?

If you visit our Ross Township dentist on a regular basis, you can be sure you’ve been screened for oral cancer.  We do an oral cancer screening at every exam so that we can monitor any changes to your oral cavity.  Our dentist examines your mouth, throat, neck, and soft tissues for any abnormalities.  We also ask about any changes that you have experienced.  If you haven’t been in to see us in a bit, give us a call so we can get you on our schedule.  Early detection is the best and only way to prevent oral cancer.

Has your medical history changed?

As with any doctor, any time you have a change in your medical history, it is important to update our Ross Township dentist.  Medications, surgeries, and changes in your oral cavity allow our team to keep up to date with your health.  Your teeth, gums, and mouth all play an important role in the systems of the body so each new development should be noted.  Tobacco use, alcohol use, age, medications, and genetics are all factors considered during an oral cancer screening.

How do I prevent oral cancer?

As we mentioned, early detection is the best way to prevent oral cancer.  Our trained professionals can often detect changes before you.  The importance of regularly scheduled dental exams helps us monitor and track changes as well.  Often, by the time you experience a problem or notice a change, the cancer has progressed.  In its late stages the mortality rate of oral cancer is high.  With regular exams, we quickly identify issues and eliminate the risk of oral cancer.

We encourage every one of our Ross Township dentist families to visit us to gain a better understanding about the risks that oral cancer poses to you.  Check out our Facebook page to learn more about our services or give us a call if you need to schedule your appointment.  Let us help you keep your smile in good health and your mouth oral cancer free.