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Thanksgiving may be over, but you likely have plenty of evidence left in your fridge.  When eaten in moderation, in normal serving sizes, these leftovers are great for your oral health and for your body in general. Get creative with the food leftover over to enjoy all the vitamins and minerals that this feast has to offer. Here are some of the most nutrient-dense Thanksgiving leftovers that our Ross Township dentist recommends:


The cranberries may have been the healthiest dish at your Thanksgiving feast if they weren’t straight out of a can. They are an excellent source of Vitamin C,  manganese, and fiber. Vitamin C is fantastic for your immune system and assists in repairing soft tissue, like your gums, tongue, and the roof of your mouth. Fiber also aids in digestion and flushes your body. Manganese is great for supporting strong teeth and bones. You can sweeten your cranberries naturally with cut apples or oranges.

Green Beans

Your Thanksgiving feast on Thursday may have included some form of green beans. These fruits, often known as veggies, provide vitamins and minerals that support good dental health and your body. Vitamin A supports saliva production for healthy digestion. This starts by assisting to clear away unwanted food particles and send them through your body smoothly to absorb all their nutrients. Vitamin B-complex offers a great mood and energy boost without the harmful effects of caffeine or acidity found in coffee. Green beans also provide Vitamins C, K, manganese, and potassium. Vitamin K, the “blood clotting Vitamin” regulates blood calcium levels. 

Candied Yams

Underneath a mountain of sweet potatoes and butter, you may have a Tupperware full of sweet potatoes. These are a great source of Vitamin A as well. You will have plenty of salivae to clear the excess food particles out of your teeth and through your digestion smoothly. Not only will your digestion as a whole benefit, but it will lower your risk of periodontal disease in the process.


Out of all the Thanksgiving leftovers you’re likely to have in your fridge, we guess that turkey’s in there somewhere. As a normal serving size, the tryptophan won’t make you as sleepy as it did the other day. Once it’s absorbed, it turned into Vitamin B6, melatonin, and serotonin. This is great for a natural mood boost. Turkey is a lean source of protein, and generally better for you than more fatty protein options. Either way, the protein will keep you feeling full for longer periods of time and less likely to reach for sweets.

You get to choose what goes into your body. Great creative with your leftovers so they last for several meals. Breakfast in the days after this feast is a great opportunity to utilize these foods in a different way. Without the obligation to overstuff your plate and your stomach, you will have more control over portion size. Try to opt for the Thanksgiving leftovers that our Ross Township dentist recommends rather than pie, as the added sugar could eventually lead to cavities if not brushed away in a timely manner.

Be grateful for the opportunity to share your time and your smile with your loved ones. Your gratitude can and will spill over into other areas that will keep you smiling. Your Ross Township dentist team challenges you to continue sharing your smile long after Thanksgiving is over and the leftovers are gone. Share your smile on our Facebook page! We often post other nutrition tips there.