Happy February from your Ross Township dentist! Wow, how time flies when you’re having fun and making the most out of every moment! Many of us have taken the last month to throw out old items that don’t serve us anymore. How recent was your last toothbrush purchase? Toothbrushes should be replaced every several months to keep work optimally and keep your mouth clean and free of the bacteria that may collect over time. The bristles on your toothbrush wear down with use, becoming less efficient at cleaning the entire surface area of your teeth over time. An ADA seal on your toothbrush will ensure that the bristles will last without falling out into your mouth, until your next purchase. Whether you shop online or near your Ross Township dentist, the only constant is change. Here are some changes to the toothbrush marketplace and opportunities to upgrade your toothbrush since the last time you replaced it:


For years, plastic toothbrushes have taken up shelf space, eventually to be taken to the landfill, and unfortunately into the ocean. Because of their short lifespan, plastics seemed like the most obvious materials to create these products. There are other options besides the choices you’ve always made. There are now toothbrushes made from wood and bamboo, plus other plants, sugar, or recycled plastic. The more we consumers support eco-friendly options like these, the more likely there will be other eco-friendly options the next time you replace your toothbrush.


Electric toothbrushes have been in the marketplace for years. However, the difference in value is not obvious until you decide to upgrade. Only then can you feel for yourself how many muscles you use in repetitive motions throughout the day. Upgrading to an electric toothbrush can alleviate some of the strain on your dominant hand, wrist, and shoulder. The muscles that you would have used to brushes will small gentle circles can be mocked by a button on your electric toothbrush with a rotational setting. Even better, an ultrasonic setting can create many rapid vibrations that will loosen unwanted food particles and plaque from your teeth. Electric toothbrushes often come standard with a timer to help you achieve the two-minute recommended length of time per session.

Head Shape

Each human has a unique mouth shape. Consider the space in your mouth to see if you could benefit from a diamond-shaped toothbrush head, which would reach into corners better than the traditional rectangular- or square-shaped toothbrush head. For those who have not had their wisdom teeth removed, a diamond-shaped toothbrush may be the answer!

Handle Shape

The handle on your toothbrush may also be causing your dominant arm muscles undue strain with repetitive use and movements. Reaching the nooks and crannies may be much easier with angled, calculated, or curved handles. An adaptable handle may assist you with repetitive wrist movements. A handle with a grip may be helpful to ensure the brush doesn’t slide into your gums or teeth. One slip of the wrist could potentially damage soft tissue in your mouth. There are also toothbrushes for left-handed humans who have been awkwardly brushing their teeth for years.

Bristle Shape

Bristle layout and design can also make an impact on your comfort level while brushing. When embedded at a right angle, the angles of your wrist and hand are responsible for reaching all of the tight corners in your mouth. When they are laid out in criss-cross designs, they can be more effective at lifting off the plaque and buildup gently. Polishing bristles can help you polish off discoloration or stains gently. This is helpful for habitual coffee-drinkers or for other vices.

Bristle Flexibility

The softness or toughness of your bristles are an important decision to consider as well. While children and other humans with soft gums or higher risk or periodontal disease should use softer bristles to prevent gum recession, these toothbrushes may not be as effective at removing unwanted food particles or plaque. Only you and your Ross Township dentist know what’s going on in your mouth, so keep an eye out for bleeding gums or sensitivity if you upgrade your toothbrush to one that’s more aggressive.

You have so many choices! By making the choice to upgrade your toothbrush when it’s time to replace it, you will continue to move forward in your dental care. This goes for all your decisions in life. By making choices for a better day today, you create more opportunities and demand for a better future. Our goal is to keep you smiling bright. If this list got you to smile, we encourage you to follow our Facebook page for a healthy dose of dental content until your next Ross Township dentist appointment. Until then, happy 2020!