It’s worthwhile installing a dental bridge when one or more teeth need to be replaced with artificial teeth.  DeBonis Family Dentistry works cohesively with leading prosthodontists specializing in dental bridges throughout Ross Township, PA.  Together, we work to ensure your smile restoration procedure is done with the highest degree of precision so your smile can, once again, be great.

What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge is a prosthesis fitted between two teeth or dental implants to fill the space of a missing tooth or teeth.  The bridge spans the area using the adjacent teeth as support and is a great solution for when our patients want to improve their smile cosmetically.  Dentists and prosthodontists use a variety of materials to create the dental bridge such as metal alloys or ceramics, and are finished to match your enamel and smile.  

Once it is determined that a dental bridge is right for you, the process is straightforward and completed in one to two sessions.  The dentist prepares the teeth and makes a dental impression of your mouth. Then, the impression is used to make your dental apparatus.  At this point, a temporary crown or restoration device may be installed to protect the prepared teeth. To create the bridge, pontics, or artificial teeth, are fitted into the bridge with crowns on either end to support the entire structure.  The crowns are fitted over your existing teeth or a dental implant if such is required for added support.

Why do I need a dental bridge?

Proper chewing functions and joint movement are at risk when teeth are absent.  Vacant spaces within your mouth cause other teeth to move as they are no longer supported by their neighbors.  This opens more teeth up to damage and tooth decay, and exposes more of your gum line, increasing your vulnerability to gingivitis.  

Pain is a common factor as your teeth and temporomandibular joint, or TMJ try to manage the additional stress on their structures.  Bone loss or shrinking is another problem when teeth are missing. A dental bridge refocuses the function of the teeth, bones, and joints, and restores your bite back to normal, thus eliminating any pain or structural damage.

How do I know if I should get a dental bridge?

The most common cause of bridge failure is poor oral hygiene.  It is necessary to brush at least two times every day and to floss between your natural teeth once each day.  Proper oral hygiene reduces tooth decay and plaque from your true teeth as well as your dental bridge. Poor hygiene can cause the prosthesis to become discolored and even detached from its supporting teeth.  At DeBonis Family Dentistry, we encourage all patients with or without bridgework to:

Schedule regular checkups

Regular cleanings and checkups are a crucial way to ensure your bridgework is working as it should.  Proper function is examined at your appointment as well as a simple bite test to warrant your upper and lower teeth are connecting as necessary.  We look to ensure bone loss and gum disease are not causing issues which jeopardize your bridgework and oral health.

Practice good oral hygiene

Your personal oral health regimen needs to include brushing your teeth twice each day as well as flossing daily.  This keeps your natural teeth in good working order and prevents plaque and bacteria from endangering not only your bridge, but the rest of your teeth as well.  Ask us about any product recommendations or look for products with the ADA’s Seal of Acceptance.

Maintain a balanced diet

Nutrition plays an important role in maintaining good oral health.  Hard foods like ice, candy, and corn nuts should be avoided. Likewise, substitute drinks known to stain teeth for water or clear liquids.  These and many more food items and beverages can discolor your teeth and dental bridge or even damage them.

If you need cosmetic dental work or restorative dental work and feel a dental bridge is right for you, give our Ross Township dentist office a call at (412)761-9594.  We serve people of any age and are accessible to the Ross Township communities such as Sewickley, Coraopolis, Glenshaw, and Ingomar. Our DeBonis Family Dentistry practice welcomes new patients and returning patients to inquire about how we can work together to formulate a dental treatment plan that will bring your smile back to the way it once was.