Dentures are a great solution when a few or all of your teeth are damaged or missing. These dental apparatuses allow our patients to regain the functionality of their mouth as well as the aesthetic aspects of their smile.

DeBonis Family Dentistry is focused on providing outstanding complete and partial dentures to our patients in Ross Township, PA and its surrounding communities.

What are dentures?

A denture is a dental device in which synthetic teeth are fitted into a base.  Dentures are built to match or resemble your natural teeth and gums and give you back the functionality needed for normal use of chewing, eating, and drinking.  Dentures improve smiles and work to provide support to the interior of your mouth, thus changing the appearance of your current smile and facial structure.

What types of dentures exist?

Common dentures come in a wide variety of options, though not all may be right for you.  Our dentist will review your X-rays and examine your oral cavity and teeth before making a recommendation.  Some of the types of different dentures you may hear about are:

Conventional Complete Dentures

These dentures consist of both a lower and upper denture.  Each denture is designed to replace all of your teeth. The lower denture is fitted to securely sit on your lower gums and is held in place by your tongue and cheek muscles.  The upper denture is designed to cover the roof of your mouth and gums.

Conventional Complete Dentures are intended only for patients who no longer have any of their teeth.  Removal of any remaining teeth before you are fitted for dentures is common. After your gums have healed, your dentures can be fitted and placed.

Implant-Supported Complete Dentures

Similar to conventional complete dentures, these dentures replace your natural teeth.  The difference with implant-supported complete dentures is that dental implants are utilized to keep the dental devices secure.  

Once the dental implants have been installed, and the gums have fully healed, your Implant-supported complete dentures can be placed.

Immediate Dentures

Immediate dentures give patients the benefit of function and appearance while waiting for their complete dentures. The benefit of these prostheses is instantaneous, as they are wearable immediately. Immediate dentures are common when patients will have all of their teeth removed prior to complete denture placement. Thus, you’ll have a functioning mouth while awaiting tooth extraction, healing, and your new dentures.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures consist of synthetic teeth and a plastic base. The teeth are constructed to resemble your gums and natural teeth and are fitted securely between your existing teeth using natural looking connectors, if desired. A partial denture is a great solution when a few teeth are missing. Other options may include a dental bridge or implants. Consult with our team to explore all of your options.

How do I care for my dentures?

Denture management and care requires an extra effort from the patient in order to maintain the prosthesis and keep it in the best condition.  We’ll discuss topics that will educate you in how to:

Handle your dentures delicately:  Dentures are quite fragile and should always be handled carefully.  Remove your dentures over a soft cloth or towel in case they fall. This will keep them from breaking.  Never use hot water when rinsing them off as this will cause them to warp. Only use cool water when cleaning or rinsing.

Store your dentures properly:  Dentures can dry out, thus losing their shape.  They must always be moist in order to retain their proper form.  Store your dentures in cool or room-temperature water when not in use and keep them away from children and pets.

Thoroughly clean your dentures:  Dentures must be cleaned after eating or at least twice each day.  Their delicate nature means a soft-bristled toothbrush or special denture brush is required in order to maintain the dentures properties and form.  Avoid hot water and hard-bristled tooth brushes. Special denture cleaners are required in order to prolong the longevity of your dentures. Rinse the apparatus with cool water before storing or reinserting into your mouth.

Choose the right cleaning products:  The makeup of dentures leaves them vulnerable to scratches and staining.  Avoid normal toothpastes; instead only use ADA recommended denture cleaning agents that have their Seal of Acceptance.  Proper handling of your dentures ensures a long-lasting smile. Clean your gums and any remaining teeth with a gentle toothpaste morning and night to keep your soft tissues and teeth healthy.

Select a proper diet:  Nutritious foods, soft in nature are best for maintaining your dentures.  Additionally, a well-balanced diet ensures your oral health and overall health remain strong.  Avoid hard foods such as candies and ice which may crack the device, and refrain from stain-causing beverages.

Maintain your oral health:  Schedule regular six-month dental appointments.  We not only use the examination to check on the fit of your dentures, we also examine your oral cavity for oral disease and oral cancer.  

How do I know if I should get dentures?

Teeth do more than act as a chewing surface used for breaking up food.  They create the frame of your face structurally along with your jaws and soft tissues.  When your teeth are absent, the structure of your face changes, lacking the support it once had.  Consult with our DeBonis Family Dentistry team for an unbiased opinion and to learn how we can create a dental plan to meet your needs.

Our office, located in Ross Township, and servicing the communities of Ingomar, Coraopolis, Sewickley, and Glenshaw work with denture specialists in the industry to provide you with the best dentures in PA.  Call us at (412)761-9594 to schedule your appointment today. We’ll help you get an awesome smile!