Start your journey toward a more perfect smile today; make a great first impression with an outstanding smile.  At DeBonis Family Dentistry, our extensive cosmetic dentistry experience and knowledge provides patients with top of the line solutions for a perfect smile.  We transform smiles every day, allowing our patients to improve their confidence.

Cosmetic dentistry changes the appearance of your smile aesthetically, while improving your oral health simultaneously.  Bite issues are corrected to balance your smile, at the same time relieving your teeth from added stress and enamel erosion.  A missing tooth or cracked teeth are repaired preventing additional tooth damage, resulting in a smile worth smiling about. The benefits of cosmetic dentistry include:

Improved Mood

Studies have shown that simply smiling puts you and those around you at ease.  A good smile eliminates the tension in the room and provides a feeling of welcome and acceptance.  This, in turn, improves your mood as well as others’. Scientific American reported findings of an increase in positive moods and a decrease in pain all from just smiling.  Their research sums up how everyone benefits when you share your smile.

Friendly Environment

According to Psychology Today, a smile is contagious and has the ability to influence the feelings of those around you. Likewise, we tend to smile more when we are proud of our teeth. Smiles create happier environments and situations, helping people feel welcome. Cosmetic dentistry rebuilds smiles using state of the art industry technology.

Better Relationships

The benefits of a smile are astounding.  When you love your smile, you learn to love yourself again.  A worn or damage smile rejuvenated with a new one plays a role in the relationship you have with others and yourself.  In fact, a journal entitled Motivation and Emotion reported that people who projected a bigger smile were proven more stable in their relationship skills and even their marriage.

Healthier Overall

A smile that looks good performs better, as well.  Bite adjustments even out the pressure on your teeth and jaws allowing your mouth to function properly.  At the same time, the realignment changes the shape of your bones and teeth, thus, aesthetically altering your appearance and smile for the better.  Proper nutrition is also gained when your oral cavity works properly.

Increased Longevity

Feel more confident and take pride in your smile with the help of our DeBonis Family Dentistry cosmetic dentistry experts. A smile is a positive reinforcement for emotions and increases your confidence. Wayne State University found, in a study, a correlation between life spans and smiles by examining pictures. Individuals with a stronger, bolder smile were likely to live a longer life than individuals with a weak smile, or even no smile.


A group of University of California, Berkeley professors analyzed the pictures of females throughout various times in their lives.  They found that women emanating positive emotions and expressions in the pictures reported feeling more focused, capable, organized, and goal-oriented.  Additionally, the women reported feeling less prone to negative emotions. These results suggest the importance of a great smile and its ties to feeling successful and focused in life.


The goal of cosmetic dentistry is to give patients a beautiful smile.  When your smile is perfect, you use it more often. No longer must you pose for pictures with a smirk or silly face, hiding your true self behind an unhealthy smile.  Be confident in yourself and show the world the true you with a gorgeous smile that appeals to all.

If you are ready to end the feelings of suffering in silence and want to show off your smile to the masses, give DeBonis Family Dentistry a call.  We aren’t like the others; we will never judge you based on your appearance. Instead, we’ll work with you to create a cosmetic dentistry plan that will give you a smile which will surpass your expectations.  Don’t live another day with a broken tooth, or missing teeth. Our procedures are designed to help you at any stage in your journey back to good oral health.

Schedule a cosmetic dentistry consultation with us by calling our Ross Township office at (412) 761-9594.  Our convenient location serves Ross Township and the surrounding communities. We look forward to working with you to enhance your smile.