A crown is a solution for a cracked tooth, prematurely worn down teeth, or for a misshapen tooth.

At DeBonis Family Dentistry in Ross Township, PA, we utilize crowns in order to create a healthy, more beautiful smile.

What is a dental crown?

A crown is a dental apparatus that is installed over the top of your existing tooth.   Various types of materials composed of composite resin, metal alloys, or ceramics can be used to create the crown.  The crown is molded to look exactly like the size and shape of your tooth and is colored, if needed, to match your existing enamel.

Why do I need a dental crown?

A damaged tooth is weak and requires support in order to preserve the tooth.  A dental crown provides the necessary strength to the tooth in order to prevent further damage.  Additionally, a crown allows for the appearance of your smile to remain aesthetically pleasing.

What does a dental crown do for my tooth?

Acts as a cover  If too much of the original tooth was compromised during a root canal procedure, or if a large area of decay has been removed, a crown is necessary to cover the biting surface of the tooth and to provide support.

Protects against infections and tooth decay – A weakened tooth is susceptible to tooth decay, abnormal wear and tear, and breakage.  A dental crown keeps the tooth from becoming infected by covering the tooth’s surface and preventing bacteria and food from entering small crevices.

Restores your tooth – When a tooth is damaged, a crown saves the tooth, therefore avoiding the need for a tooth extraction.  The crown improves the structure of the tooth and extends its longevity.

Refurbishes smiles – Dental crowns cover teeth that are extremely discolored or malformed, thus allowing your teeth to better function and do their job.  The result is a smile enhancement that improves not only your smile, but your oral health, as well.

Provides support – A crown is used as support when bridgework is needed.  It is placed on the strong, abutting teeth in order to sustain a dental bridge.  Crowns are used in place of dental implants in this case so that the original teeth aren’t compromised

How do I care for my dental crown?

A dental crown requires a bit more care than your regular dental hygiene.  Below are a few of our tips to help you maintain a great smile while following your normal dental hygiene routine:

Avoid hard candies and foods – Refrain from eating hard foods, hard or sticky candy, and ice cubes.  These can cause the crown to crack. Also make sure to keep objects such as pen caps and pencils away from your mouth.

Regular Dental Checkups – Regular cleanings and dental exams every six months are critical to your oral health.  The dentist uses these opportunities to evaluate the structure of the crown in order to prevent malfunctions, cracks, or breaks in the material.

Good Oral Hygiene – Proper oral hygiene is necessary on a daily basis to rid your mouth of bacteria and plaque.  Brushing and flossing your dental crown along with the rest of your teeth keeps the crown in good condition and prevents the buildup of plaque.  ADA recommended oral health products are best for maintaining your crown and dental health.

If at any time a question arises concerning your crown or oral health, don’t hesitate to call our Ross Township office at (412) 761-9594.  We welcome your questions and are happy to assist you in your dental needs.