Regardless of whether or not you show signs or symptoms of dental related issues, the possibility exists that trouble is hiding out below your gum line.  Dental X-rays help dental professionals by showing images of the oral cavity that can’t be seen by the naked eye.

At DeBonis Family Dentistry, our specially trained staff takes care to properly protect our patients while efficiently executing the X-ray process in order to get exact X-rays every time, the first time.  Our digital X-ray machine captures your teeth and bones, projecting it as a radiographic image, so the inner workings of your oral cavity are viewable.

What is digital X-ray imaging?

Digital X-ray machines capture the image of your mouth, or a portion of your teeth, in a black and white version which is viewable instantly on a monitor in our office. Digital sensors replace the photographic film that is associated with traditional X-ray machines. The greatest benefit of a digital X-ray image is the immediate results and viewing capability.

At DeBonis Family Dentistry, we have embraced the technology advancements made in the dental industry because of their efficiency, amazing quality, and precision. The digital X-ray machine is no different. We love this type of technology so that we can generate precise, efficient images right away.

Why should I have digital X-ray images taken?

Just like regular X-rays, digital X-ray images are used to help our dentist see any problematic areas in your oral cavity. Some of the main benefits of these images include ways to:

Establish an oral history

As a new DeBonis Family Dentistry patient, we use digital X-ray images to gain an understanding of your current oral health. It creates a strong base level which our dentist and staff use as a reference should changes or issues arise in the future.

Uncover oral issues

Underlying issues below the gum line are best viewed via a digital X-ray image.  The captured image is projected onto a monitor instantly. This way, we can catch or detect any problems and correct them in a timely manner, thus eliminating, in some cases, the need for lengthier procedures.

Generated images from our digital X-rays are the perfect tools when diagnosing oral problems.  The image alerts our staff to problems before they surface and reduces the need for additional restorative dental procedures. Just a few of the items these images can detect include:

  • Tooth decay hidden by fillings
  • Tumors
  • Cavities between teeth
  • Periodontal disease
  • Cysts or abscesses  
  • Bone infections