Our team at DeBonis Family Dentistry is enthusiastic about our ability to provide your family with the best dental care in Ross Township, Pennsylvania and the surrounding communities.  We consider every one of our patients as an extension of our very own family. For years, we’ve delighted in watching your families grow and we take pride in being able to provide you all with any of your oral health needs.  We treat patients of all ages, allowing for an efficient solution to your dental hygiene; packaged with genuine compassion and comfort. If you live in Ross Township, Ingomar, Glenshaw, Sewickley, and Coraopolis or in a nearby area, we invite your family to come be a part of ours.  

The DeBonis Family Dentistry team delivers expert dental care to any members of your family as we have undergone hours of training with patients of all ages.  We enjoy working as a comprehensive unit; encouraging healthy smiles for children, parents, and grandparents alike. Set the foundation of great oral hygiene habits by joining our family of dental experts.

The Dental Examination

The American Dental Association recommends dental examinations every six months.  The dental exam is a chance for Dr. DeBonis or Dr. Blaisse, our hygienist, and staff to examine your teeth and soft tissues for any problems and to ensure they are in good health.  Early detection of tooth decay and plaque are just a couple of our priorities along with preventing gum disease. The exam also consists of an oral cancer screening in which we inspect your oral cavity for irregularities.  In addition to these services, we examine your TMJ, or temporomandibular joint. Preventative dentistry is the key to good oral health and our dental exam safeguards you from unexpected concerns.

The purpose of a dental examine, twice a year, is to help us determine your own, unique dental treatment plan.   Occasional digital x-rays, preferably taken once each year, aid our team in diagnosing tooth decay, cavities, bone loss, as well as uncovering abnormal areas of your oral cavity.  While digital radiographs are not a required service, they are often essential at providing preventative maintenance, thus preserving your oral health.

As the examination concludes, we’ll discuss an action plan and next steps in your personal treatment plan.   Should our examination find an issue that needs attention, we will first discuss our recommendations with you.  We want you to understand our process, available services, and what to expect when correcting any oral irregularities.  Together, we’ll work toward achieving the goal of your perfect oral health.

Dental Cleaning

Regular cleanings accompany the dental examination as part of our preventative dentistry solution.  Professional cleanings slow down or prevent the progression of gingivitis, or gum disease. Cleanings also help to control tooth decay and bone loss, the leading cause of tooth loss.  Our hygienist will clean your teeth professionally, followed by flossing. Plaque removal, another aspect of your dental cleaning, will keep gingivitis at bay.

Along with a professional cleaning, it is important to understand that your own dental hygiene routine must be maintained at home to achieve a healthy smile.  Brush twice daily and floss at least once every day. Stay hydrated with plenty of water, and refrain from eating or drinking foods that compromise your oral health.    If at any times you have questions, we welcome you to reach to our DeBonis Family Dentistry practice.

Contact Us

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