Advancements in dental technology have provided our industry with amazing tools and solutions to address oral health concerns. At DeBonis Family Dentistry, we proudly provide intraoral imaging for our dental procedures. The intraoral camera helps our team detect minute details allowing us to identify problems much earlier. This helps us provide prevention solutions which reduce the risks of dental issues surfacing later.

What are intraoral cameras?

Intraoral cameras are small, digital cameras the size of a pencil or pen. They have the ability to cast their image onto a large screen, thus showing real-time dental images as your mouth is examined. The camera helps to educate patients with the ease of showing them the area of concern. Additionally, a light attached to the camera aids in early detection of dental carries, tooth fractures, and other oral defects.

What are the advantages of intraoral cameras?

Immediate results: Intraoral imaging lets you see exactly what our dentist sees during the examination phase of your visit and throughout any procedure.  

Precision: Intraoral cameras help us capture, in more detail, the smallest of discrepancies in your oral cavity.  With the camera’s high-quality photos, we can monitor areas of concern in your mouth over time.

Easy for referrals: Should a specialist’s opinion be needed for a consult, the photos provide the digital means to quickly share, per your consent.  

Better planning: The detailed results of an intraoral camera ensure exactness when planning your oral treatment plan.