Root canal therapy is the practice of cleaning out decay and infection from the tooth root’s canal and filling the cavity to prevent additional damage and decay.  

A tooth is made up of soft dental pulp and nerves, internally, which can become extremely sensitive when compromised by infection, bacteria, and decay.  While the myth around root canals and pain continues to circulate, in retrospect, it is the sensitive nature of the nerves wherein the pain is present.

Root canal therapy is similar to having a cavity filled; albeit, a deeper inspection is required in order to remove the bad area.  At DeBonis Family Dentistry, we take care to the next level to ensure a pain-free, comfortable environment awaits you during every one of our dental procedures and root canal treatments.

With our years of experience, your oral health is in good hands.  We serve all patients in need of root canal therapy in the Ross Township area and neighboring communities, such as Glenshaw and Sewickley.  Our relaxed atmosphere and attention to your dental needs and emotions help us provide you with a perfect experience, free from anxiety and pain.

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