Here at DeBonis Family Dentistry, we are proud to offer our method of procedure when conducting root canal therapy.  Our process creates a much smoother approach through the use of rotary endodontic technology.

Typical root canal procedures use manual files of various sizes to remove the decay from the affected tooth.  With rotary endodontics, we employ an electrically-powered instrument made of a nickel titanium tip. This tip offers flexibility that stainless steel can’t, thus allowing us to more efficiently remove the decay.  

The features of this tool allow Dr. DeBonis to perform unique movements that traditional tools can’t do.  The root of your tooth consists of many small canals that jut off at angles. Rotary endodontics lets us insert the tool ino the deep recesses of the curved canal while leaving the canal intact.

Advantages of Rotary Endodontics

The advanced technology involved in rotary endodontics provides increased precision and reliability, and a quieter, yet faster procedure.


Nickel titanium tipped tools clean out the root’s canal more smoothly.


Root canal procedures have less chance of complications and are more reliable as all of the decay is removed.


The tool is much smoother and quieter than traditional drills and files, reducing the anxiety some patients have regarding noise.


The flexibility of the tools allow for a fast procedure in comparison to traditional root canals.  

The result of a root canal performed with rotary endodontic tools, means a faster procedure, a cleaner root, and less pressure during the procedure on the tooth and bones.  With rotary endodontics, our DeBonis Family Dentistry patients feel more comfortable during root canal procedures. To find out more information, and if rotary endodontics is right for your procedure, contact our office today!  Call (412) 761-9594.