Boost your Smile with Whiter Teeth

Everyone needs a boost to their smile once in a while.  At our Ross Township dentist office, we believe smiles can make or break us as a first impression to all you meet.  Smiles tell a story about confidence, pain, emotions, and unveil a bit of who we are.  Make the right impression with whiter […]

Are you Flossing and Brushing your Teeth Properly?

As a dentist Ross Township patients trust for their teeth whitening and oral hygiene needs we often get asked about brushing and flossing.  It only takes one or two cavities for a patient to realize that they may need to fine tune their hygiene regimen.  Brushing and flossing isn’t difficult, but it is important to […]

Help Your Smile by Quitting Smoking

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful; thankful for our families, thankful for our friends, and thankful for our health.  We celebrate friends and family by gathering together, but how do we celebrate our health?  It’s definitely not by the overflowing plates of traditional thanksgiving fare.  You can, however, celebrate your health in November by […]