Composite resin fillings are an alternative to amalgam, or silver-looking, fillings. They are generally used when a small or medium-sized cavity needs to be filled in your tooth. Their enamel colored design provides dental patients with a natural look for a flawless smile.

What are composites?

Composite fillings utilize a compound of plastic and ceramic material and used as an alternative to amalgam fillings when a cavity is present.  The cosmetic appeal to white composite fillings keeps your smile looking natural and healthy.

At DeBonis Family Dentistry we are proud to offer our Ross Township dental patients this option and utilize only the best dental technology advancements to fill a cavity.  

How do I take care of my composite fillings?

Ensure your teeth and fillings remain decay and plaque free by practicing a good oral hygiene regimen.


A balanced diet supports your oral health by providing the minerals and nutrients your teeth, bones, and gums need to stay in good health.  Good hydration keeps your body refreshed and your mouth free of food particles when brushing isn’t an option. Healthy foods aid in proper nutrition and keep your teeth free of decay and bacteria which can require additional fillings if untreated.  

Oral Hygiene

Our dentist and the ADA recommend brushing twice each day with products containing fluoride.  Flossing each day is needed as well in order to remove plaque from in between your teeth and at the gum line.  Look for products with the American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance when selecting your oral care materials.

Regular Dental Visits

Regularly scheduled visits to our dentist provide you with a professional cleaning and oral health checkup.  We examine your teeth for decay, plaque, and signs of infection as well as provide an oral cancer screening. Extra care is taken to inspect your white composite filling for signs of weakness or decay.

Should I get composite fillings?

White composite fillings are a great alternative to gold or silver fillings.   They offer a more cosmetically pleasing look and are very subtle in appearance; blending in with your existing tooth enamel.

Various studies exist on the replacement of amalgam fillings and are worth consideration.  The most noticeable reason to get composite fillings is for aesthetic purposes and a powerful smile.  Talk with us about the advantages and disadvantages along with your concerns when you come in for a visit.

Our professionally trained team of dental experts at DeBonis Family Dentistry invites you to bring your questions to us in regards to what type of filling is best for you.  We’ve had patients from all over Ross Township, Ingomar, Sewickley, Coraopolis, Glenshaw and the surrounding areas come to us for great, precise dental care.